Roads Committee

The Moyaone Association owns and maintains a network of gravel roads to provide vehicular access to each Moyaone Reserve property. These are private roads, available solely for residents and their invitees. The current Moyaone Association Roads Committee Chair, Kent L. Hibben, can be reached at .


There are seven neighborhood sections, each with a roads captain that volunteers in support of the Roads chair.


Roads Captains are available to contact for questions, from each of the respective sections:

Auburn Roads (East and West) - Stan Fetter
Bonds Retreat - Karen Miles
Cactus Hill - Bill Robertson, Bud Wareham
Hidden Valley - Chris Aills, Paul McVinney
Poplar Hill- Marty Carts, Paul Livingston, and Kent L. Hibben,

Reserve Road - Charlie Gaumond, Pete Nicholson


Speed Limit

There is a speed limit of 15mph or slower, to ensure safety of pedestrians, to preserve the road, and to minimize dust. County Police personnel have an open invitation to patrol these streets on a recurrent basis.


Snow Policy

Through funds volunteered by residents becoming members of the Moyaone Association, the roads are maintianed throughout the year. In snow situations, beyond 2” of accumulation, the Roads Chair determines which plow operators are to be sent to each area. Residents are reminded to not plow their own road sections, and to not spread road salt on gravel surfaces. Doing either of these is likely to severely damage the road surface, causing dangerous driving conditions for residents and emergency vehicles.

Rental of Grader and of Gradall: Policy


Appropriate arrangements with Miss Utility prior to use are the responsibility of the person renting the equipment
 1. Client pays the operator directly for agreed-on hourly rate and within agreed payment schedule timeframe.
 2. For the grader, a.) current Moyaone Association members pay $55 per hour of machine’s running time. b.) all other clients pay: $110 an hour  

For the Moyaone Gradall a.) current Moyaone Association members pay $70 per hour of machine’s running time. b.) all other clients pay: $140 an hour.  

Charges for the equipment use as cited above, are to be paid to the Moyaone Association, P.O. Box 113 Accokeek, Md 20607, in full, within 30 days of end of equipment use, with "grader rental" or "Gradall rental" (based on which of the two machines was rented) written in the memo section of the check. 
Operators or equipment shall not do tree work with the Gradall within 200 feet of house or structure.  
All use and scheduling of equipment are reserved first for Moyaone Association purposes, as defined and determined by the Roads Chair. 
The Moyaone Association, Inc. assumes no liability for costs or damages resulting from third party use of grader or Gradall. 


For more information, please contact Moyaone Association Roads Chair Kent L. Hibben at or (202) 316-8432 text/phone

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